Information Systems and Services

Suresh K. Khator
Associate Dean for Computer Facilities   
E-mail: skhator [at] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-4205

Arturo Padilla
ECC Lab Manager
E-mail: apadilla [at] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-4414

Desktop Support

Kiet Luong
Director of Engineering Computing
E-mail: kietl [at] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-9974

Eric Stern
Manager, Desktop Support & Windows Servers
E-mail: estern [at] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-1387

Khoa Tran
User Services Specialist 3
E-mail: ktran20 [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-6637

Diem Tran
User Services Specialist 3
E-mail: dtran15 [at] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-5828

Systems Administration

Manjunatha Shenoy
Systems Administrator 2
E-mail: mshenoy [at] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-8447

Al-Sabbagh, Mohammed I
Systems Administrator 1
E-mail: mialsab2 [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu
Phone: 713-743-7576